What Do Women Say About Penis Size?


Large penis size and length it is one of the things that many men coveted. Although there are differences of opinion about whether women prefer the big penis size or the small, many men who feel more confident if they have a big and long penis.

According to sex expert, Dr. Louanne Cole Weston, in actual sex problem and a great length is not important, but the most important is erection hardness. “In medicine, so that reproductive function goes well, the important thing is not about big and long, but the important thing is whether the penis can be a hard maximal erection. So it is still tiny little penis can satisfy a woman, “said the young doctor.

As is known, in addition to having sexual function, the penis also is one of the means of reproduction, its duty to deliver seeds or sperm from the testes to the woman’s uterus, and that its work can be finished well, no longer needed size or larger.

Having normal penis size greatly depending on the conditions in which the man in question lived. Yes, penis size is determined by many factors such as genetics and race. For example, a European man who was tall body size also has an average penis size is longer than the men of Asia. Similarly, the man with a short or thin, generally also have manhood is not too large.

Dr. Weston also said that penis size is not important because in matters of sex is the most important function is to enlarge and harden can work well. The doctor urged men not to do strange things to raise the size of his genitals. The reason is if there is a nerve that is damaged then it will be difficult to treat because the nerves in the penis area, including very smooth.

Big Penis VS Small Penis


A study ever conducted in the UK to find out the opinion of a woman against a man’s penis size. It turns out 85% of women surveyed admitted quite satisfied with the size of their partner. Another expert, Ian Kerner, Ph.D. even said that men should spend more time thinking about how to satisfy their partner than on worrying about the small size of his penis.

“Generally, the woman complained that her partner’s penis size is small because they are not satisfied or difficulty reaching orgasm during sex. Yes because it is important, regardless of whether the partner’s penis size is big or small, “says Ian. But if you include men who wish to extend well as enlarging the penis size, there are several methods that you can choose, such as drinking herbal remedies as are sold now on the internet, using a pump or vacuum, or perform surgery to enlarge the penis.

One way to naturally enlarge the penis size that you can choose is the Jelqing method (Jelq), this method has long been used by the Sudanese Arabic. The method is quite simple because it only involves the hands to massage the shaft of the penis alone.