Breast Enhancement Methods


Today, according to statistics, more than 60% of women are concerned about breast augmentation, they think that small breasts are not attractive. Many people believe that if they had larger breasts they would have more admirers.

Of course small chest also has a lot of advantages: it is comfortable to exercise, sleeping on your stomach, you can go without a bra, doctors say that the risk of breast cancer is reduced, and that’s not all. But men are attracted to big breasts.

This article describes the non-surgical methods of breast enlargement. This is due to the fact that most men do not like silicone breasts and women get a lot of discomfort from that.

Breast enlargement creams


There are many special creams for breast enlargement, the principal component of which is estrogen hormones. Most often manufacturers use plant hormones – phytoestrogens. They have qualities similar to female sex hormones that encourage the growth of the glandular tissue of the mammary gland. Topical application of hormonal creams significantly reduces the side effects of hormones. You don’t gain excess weight. The result can be saved to several months.

There are also creams that increase the blood flow in the breast; they have a less pronounced effect. The breast will decrease to its normal size after few days.

The best are cream combined with phytohormones and additional components that enhance blood circulation, improve skin. Very often creams may consist entirely of natural extracts of various plants – they have minimal side effects.

From creams, you can expect that your breast will increase to 0.5 cm in circumference per week during the first 3 weeks, and then – 1 cm per month.

The principal difference in the impact of steroidal phytoestrogens and human estrogens is that steroidal phytoestrogens attain the same effects as the human estrogen, but only at concentrations exceeding a thousand times the concentration of estrogen.

You can find fortified creams that just give the elasticity to the chest, affecting the skin. Such creams are harmless, but the benefits are minimal.

Breast enlargement pills


In tablets for breast augmentation, as well as in creams, are used hormonal components. Safe supplements are not able to affect the breast size, as most scientists believe. In addition, there may be long-term consequences for health, as some herbal ingredients contained in these pills, mimic estrogen.

Clinical trials found that an increase in breast size because of hormone occurs in patients treated with the hormone estrogen, antidepressants and birth control pills. Moreover, it was found that for breast enlargement are essential substances such as female hormones, prolactin and growth factors. They promote the estrogen receptors situated in the thoracic lobules and control the division and apoptosis (death) of cells.