Welcome, all those who are interested in studying the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in particular, and Slavic cultures in general. The PL Commonwealth has an SCA emphasis, but we welcome any who wish to study this area and culture!

This provides email <e.g, rotmisterz@plcommonwealth.org> for those interested in them. Contact the web minister if you would like one.

It is also the home of the SCA Polish Costume resource! Follow the “articles” links.

As you can see, I have re-launched the new site, complete with new links to the article page.

Slavic University of the Midrealm
The first-ever all-Slavic-Interest-Group SCA event happened, on December 8, 2006. Follow this link to see the class notes and photos.

01/11/08: Completely redesigned and re-launched the site.
08/05/06: Sections 6 (new recipe), 10 (more definitions) & 12 (complete colpak directions and added instructions and photos of the Budzygan mace) have been updated.